List of daily Winners!

You can find your Entry Number in the e-mail or text message we sent to you before the questionnaire was completed.

Date Prize Winning Entry Number City
03.12.2018 500_reward_1.png GLOQDQC9KZ4WTTV Wrocław
05.11.2018 500_reward_1.png QO3WE0R2GZGT869 Wrocław
01.10.2018 500_reward_1.png 6OKU0TGBPG14S71 Wrocław
03.09.2018 500_reward_1.png KO2IHZSAMOWTVML Wrocław
06.08.2018 500_reward_1.png VC9USA5HSZYQM06 Wrocław
02.07.2018 500_reward_1.png L2OL7RGVYE4IM56 Wrocław
04.06.2018 500_reward_1.png 6D3IPW83KOYIVHB Wrocław
03.06.2018 50_reward.png U7OTQZ0MRO9RS8U Wrocław
02.06.2018 50_reward.png 7X1AW2F6X8LO79I Wrocław
01.06.2018 50_reward.png OQP8VZ97OIPAQCT Wrocław
31.05.2018 50_reward.png RCAHO7DVNIRM70X Wrocław
30.05.2018 50_reward.png 8R1OB9DLHO0E9C8 Wrocław
29.05.2018 50_reward.png K3VB60IXKZPYTWZ Wrocław
28.05.2018 50_reward.png DOWQFDN4607L2WL Wrocław
27.05.2018 50_reward.png B5GERO8DKJVNPQT Wrocław
26.05.2018 50_reward.png WIIN807NB1B9F2I Wrocław
25.05.2018 50_reward.png UQ2J50U848GBJAK Wrocław
24.05.2018 50_reward.png HZZZFOIVMN1CCE1 Wrocław
23.05.2018 50_reward.png DZXWUKUN2SC9BJC Wrocław
22.05.2018 50_reward.png E7AENGZB46GJ99V Wrocław
21.05.2018 50_reward.png IH83OJNSUPDM9VK Wrocław
20.05.2018 50_reward.png N9BXCNG8M7FHRAH Wrocław
19.05.2018 50_reward.png KTRGESOZRUGKE75 Wrocław
18.05.2018 50_reward.png 4S68QGIQIO6CB4X Wrocław
17.05.2018 50_reward.png GC8SFDX90PD3TCL Wrocław